Conheça os benefícios do programa Precious Bride

Hello everyone —

With the holiday season behind us and Carnaval upon us, we cannot stop planning for what lies ahead: wedding season! With that in mind, we have decided to write this article to introduce our Precious Bride surgery program and what the Fabricio Regiani Clinic can offer you to feel your very best on your special day.

What is precious bride?

Here at the Fabricio Regiani Clinic, we get an influx of brides-to-be, family members, and grooms-to-be who want help boosting their self-esteem and confidence before the big day. So we thought: let’s create the Precious Bride surgery program — where we guide you towards your cosmetic goals and tailor to each bride-to-be’s individual needs.

How does it work? If you’re considering a procedure, schedule a consultation and take this opportunity to relay your needs and personal goals. The Precious Bride program extends to the wedding party: groom, parents of the groom and bride, bridesmaids, and groomsmen. Whether it’s softening the appearance of dark circles, restoring volume and treating wrinkles for a rejuvenated face, or reducing excess skin and fat — the Fabricio Regiani Clinic is here to help you. We have also thoroughly compiled a list of other most commonly requested procedures — we know that wedding expenses can be high.

What are the advantages of precious bride?

Conheça os benefícios do programa Precious Bride

Apart from expenses, the wedding preparation requires careful planning. There’s so much to do. Photographer. Venue selection. Guest list. Cake. Music. (Band or DJ? Which one will get everyone out of their seats the entire night?) The perfect dress. While you’re making all those plans, don’t forget to plan for a cosmetic procedure. This is a true benefit of Precious Bride. The Fabricio Regiani Clinic can help guide you towards choosing the right procedure as well as choosing the right time to have it done.

The earlier you come to us, the better. Careful planning is fundamental for the desired result. For certain procedures, the results are maximized with exercising or a specific diet, which will be discussed during the consultation. All of these services will be advised by our team of surgeons.

Conheça os benefícios do programa Precious Bride

We highly recommend scheduling your consultation with us well in advance before your big day. It is important to have plenty of time to recover from your procedure as well as time to return to your daily activities. Let’s consider the following scenario. A bride is considering breast augmentation. She will need to restrain from any physical activity for at least two weeks after the procedure. However, with the big day fast approaching, things will be hectic with tasks to get through. It will be too risky to get the procedure done close to the wedding day. That is why we recommend plenty of time to recover prior to the wedding.

What a “precious bride procedure” entails?

You should discuss with your surgeon which procedure(s) you would like. We can help guide you towards your cosmetic goals through a series of questions during the consultation. Any of the procedures listed on our website may be a part of the Precious Bride surgery program.

There are also non-invasive procedures, such as dermal fillers, botox, or skin care treatments in dermatology. This may be of interest to the wedding party — and guests — who want to look revitalized before the wedding day.

Conheça os benefícios do programa Precious Bride

I’m interested in learning more about looking and feeling my best with your help — How do I proceed? Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about Precious Bride. The Fabricio Regiani Clinic will be happy to assist you. We’ll be waiting to hear from you!