Lifting de pernas – Cirurgia de remoção de excesso de pele e gordura das pernas – Vitória – ES.

Many people, even with a regular diet and exercising, have excess sagging skin and fat in the thighs. This can be caused by genetic factors, weight fluctuations, aging, among other factors.

Excess skin in this region can be a crucial factor in reducing one’s quality of life. It can be difficult to perform physical activities with others and have a healthy social life.

A thigh lift is a procedure in which excess skin and fat is removed from the inner thighs.

Am I a candidate for this procedure?

A thigh lift may be recommended if you’re concerned with excess soft tissue along the inner thigh region and/or the outer thigh. There is not an ideal age for this procedure. It is important to discuss with your surgeon the size and positioning of the scars.

The procedure

The thigh lift is performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. An incision may be placed starting from the groin, extending downward to the knee or mid-thigh along the inseam —depending on the patient’s preference and amount of excess skin. Small, thin tubes may be placed for 24 hours under the skin to drain excess fluid or blood that may collect. In some cases, a drain is not necessary. The procedure takes about 3 hours, and the patient stays overnight in the hospital.

Thigh lift recovery

After the arm lift, the patient should wear bandages for 60 days. Any physical activity should be avoided for 45 days. You may resume any personal care activities after surgery.

Follow-up visits should be made as advised by your plastic surgeon.

How long will my results last?

It is not possible to predict the durability of a thigh lift result. The result will depend on several individual factors, which varies from patient to patient. For example: genetic factors, lifestyle, and skin care.

The combination of dermatological procedures and proper skin care is important to maintain post-surgery results.

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