Conheça o programa Estrangeiros e as vantagens da cirurgia plástica no Brasil

Hello, everyone!

We, at the Fabricio Regiani Clinic, proudly present to you —  the Foreigners Program! It is a program that combines two essential components of a person’s quality of life: new experiences and high self-esteem.

What is the foreigners program?

Brazil is a leading country in performing plastic surgery — losing only to the United States. It is partly due to the fact that Brazilians believe that body image is an important measure of body satisfaction, and partly due to attracting patients from all over the world because of our highly skilled surgeons.

With these facts in mind, we thought: why not create a program that offers our patients coming from abroad the same advanced and proven techniques? And that’s how the Foreigners Program was born.

Tourism has always been strong in Brazil. Our biggest challenge is to show our visitors our competence in plastic surgery, which begins with the skills and experience of our professionals.

Why should you consider plastic surgery in brazil?

Conheça o programa Estrangeiros e as vantagens da cirurgia plástica no Brasil

Quality. We are always in search for high service quality that will exceed our expectations, right? In plastic surgery, that quality is found when a highly-specialized medical team uses the most advanced techniques in every procedure. That is exactly why you may find it advantageous to consider having your procedure performed by the medical team at the Fabricio Regiani Clinic.

Our founder, Fabricio Regiani, is proud to have learned from the world-renowned and pioneering plastic surgeon, Dr. Ivo Pitanguy. After finishing his first training at the Universidade Federal do Espirito Santo (UFES), he moved to Rio de Janeiro where he was a part of the renowned plastic surgery staff for 5 years at Dr. Ivo Pitanguy’s private clinic.

Following his plastic surgery training, Dr. Regiani embarked for a new journey to Istanbul. In Istanbul, Dr. Regiani pursued further advanced training in Aesthetic and Nasal Reconstruction Surgery under Dr. Nazim Cerkes, one of the best nose surgery authority in the world and internationally known for his techniques in rhinoplasty and facial aesthetic surgery.

Currently, our clinic is based in Vitória, Espirito Santo, Brazil. Here we bring our patients the most advanced and proven techniques like the Dual Plane breast augmentation, which provides our patients a fast recovery; and hair transplant for both men and women, coordinated by Dr. Hazel Fischdick. She received highly specialized training in Israel.

Conheça o programa Estrangeiros e as vantagens da cirurgia plástica no Brasil

When we think about investing in our beauty and self-confidence, costs are very important. This is another point in favor of the Foreigners Program. Because of the exchange rate from your currency to the Brazilian Real (BRL), patients coming from abroad can spend less on a procedure than at home.

In addition to all the above mentioned benefits of the Foreigners Program, patients who decide to seek out our services will receive from our staff the support needed upon arrival and accommodation during their stay in Brazil. Our staff is accustomed to treating and accommodating patients from abroad —  taking into account the convenience and tranquility necessary for the postoperative care.

So, if you are from outside of Brazil and are considering a procedure with us, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the Foreigners Program.

You can also ask questions about the Foreigners Program or any plastic surgery procedure on our website! The staff at the Fabricio Regiani Clinic will be happy to assist you and we are already looking forward to your visit!